Friday, October 31, 2008

I have voted all I can ;) so now I am going to blog!

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Have you ever thought, "if I can't have it, I would at least like for one of my friends to be blessed with it"? That is where I am at right at this moment....
I have a confession to make...I am apronly challenged.....sigh, there I said it....
I have always loved aprons, I remember hanging on to my Mamaw's apron as she would cook on our woodstove when I was growing up (yes, that is not a typo or a joke lol), I drool over all these gorgeous retro aprons I see, but I do not own ONE apron. Honestly if we had any extra moola to spare I would have already bought one this week! Maybe it is my upcoming 32nd bday...maybe it is that I am finally at a point in my life that I savor those "domestic" things, who knows, but I am seriously jonesin' for an apron...and not just any want one of the Apron Queens aprons! Sadly, or not so sadly, IF I win I would be getting the barbeque men's apron for Lane for Christmas. My "baby" boy has become quite the grilling guy! (He is 13 1/2, so I hover behind him a LOT, but he makes some killer burgers and such)....
Ok enough of the blabbering!....Would YOU like to win one of her wonderful aprons (or TWO!...or FOUR?!) Then just hop over to her blog HERE and read up on how you can! Then, hop over to the shop HERE and check out all of the aprony fabulousness that IS RickRackAttack (aprons by the apron queen)....leave her a comment, tell her I sent you (I am not beyond brown-nosing any more than she is beyond bribing ;) ), tell her what a wonderful person I am and how much I should have a new apron to start my collection, send vibes to the random number generator to pick MY number...or if you win you could just send it to me :D....or keep it yourself (but then you HAVE to promise me that you will post pics of you looking apron-queen-fabulous so that I can live vicariously through you :D)
Have a VERY Happy Halloween all!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I SO SO SO want to win this!!!!

Seriously, I would love to win any of the great giveaways, but this one would seriously make Christmas here for Tink complete! BUT if I can't win it, I would love for it to be one of my blog readers that does :)
It is a hellacute baby doll stroller for (get this...) 2 dolls, or more if your dd is like mine she will fit many more than that in it! All you have to do is skip over to Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls' blog and read up on it! You really should sign up for her rss feed, this woman is really giving some rockin' things away!
While you are there, wish her NOW 9 yr old daughter a very happy belated bday :) (kinda irks me that hundreds of people signed up for the giveaways on that blog but only 2 others besides me commented on her happy birthday post to her dd....grrrr...seriously people, it only takes a second!)

earn money for your school AND maybe win a $50 gc!

Sisterly Savings is hosting a blog giveaway sponsored by Box Tops For Education! You could win a $50 g.c. just for commenting! Did you know that as you are shopping online this holiday season you could be earning mass money for your school?! and you don't even have to do anything more than shop! Head on over to sisterlysavings and check out the details!

if you have too much money, don't look here!!!

Kateedyd is giving away a $25 g.c. for Amazon on her blog!!!! Who couldn't use a little extra moola right before the holiday season starts?! Head on over to her blog and give it a go! If you don't need it, you could always send it to me if you win (oh yeah, I am not beyond begging ;) )

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

are you an "Athena" momma....

goddess like in the midst of the muddled choas? graceful in the throes of toddler toilet training? yeah, me either :D THAT is why you should go to the blog Now Entering Momville and try to win a gorgeous bracelet simply called "athena"....seriously just looking at it made me feel less frumpy and I could TOTALLY see myself wearing it every day, it is not too blingy but far from blah and Mary is GIVING IT AWAY to one lucky reader!!!! so RUN! HURRY UP! because it is nearing the final days to enter!
Click HERE

Cupcakes & Turtles & Tatas OH MY!

:) Thanks to another giveaway I just found the perfect gift for my mom AND for myself (if there are 2 sets....if there is only one, sorry mom...or maybe I would keep one and give one to mom...kinda like friendship bracelets only these would be friendship boobs) Most of you know that my Mamaw battled breast cancer for 6 1/2 long years, well this blog linked to an etsy site that has the cutest set ;) (click here) of beads you could ever want *warning: if you are offended by your tatas, do not go look, but seriously they were done very tastefully lol the shape of them makes me believe that they have definitely had a mamogram :) UGH they are too cute...OH duh ok back to the giveaway....
The Giveaway blog (click here) is giving away a super cute cupcake stretchy necklace that would look super cute on Tink, so even if you can't think of anyone you would want it for, you can always send it to me ;) on over and check it out NOW, you are given several ways to win too!
**Thanks to the wonderful blogger & the etsy shop owner for this great giveaway!
***oh yes, and the title of this post is in reference to my 3 favorite beads in the etsy shop!

Skippy Jones :)

Ok, here is one for those precious tater tots in your life :)
I don't know if you have ever seen the SkippyJones series but OMGosh just the illustrations are enough to make you want to read it to your little one over and over again!
Just skip on over to The Potts Family blog for your chance to win :D but hurry, time is running short!

$120 dollar necklace giveaway

Why not take a chance and try for something absolutely beautiful just for YOU?! Not for the kids, not for the hubby, simply for YOU!!! Pearl Girl Tags has very graciously offered one of their gorgeous necklaces to MomDot!!!!
Just visit the MomDot blog for several chances to win (actually visit for several chances to win several different giveaways if you are willing to browse)! Also skip on over to Pearl Girl Tags and check out all of their unbelievably gorgeous jewelry!!!! ;)

you probably don't want a target gift card either do ya....

that's ok...if you don't want it you can always send it to me ;)
Head over to the Unexpected Bliss Reviews blog and follow the instructions on how to be entered to win a $25 gift card to Target!!!!

yeah, you probably don't want a $50 g.c.....

yeah RIGHT! Who couldn't use a $50 g.c. to amazon right before the holidays?! Seriously, it is SO easy to get a chance to win one! Just go to the Unexpected Bliss blog and read how you could win! So many things that one could do with that much money...*daydreaming*

the CUTEST lil poncho ever!!!

Chic Shopper Chick: Review and Giveaway: Pony Sisters Ponchos

There is the cutest red poncho that reminds me SO much of Little Red Riding Hood I could yelp! If you would like the chance to win a great little poncho for your little one (or if you don't want it you could always mail it to me ;) ) click the link at the top of this post!

Do you like Old Navy?.....

HERE is a chance to win a $5 g.c. to Old Navy! Between clearance items, Black Friday items, and sales you are sure to be able to put this to good use! Just go to Frugal Finds from Your Frugal Friend blog and comment! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy, right?!

In His Time....

Isn't that a wonderful name for a blog?! It was definitely what I needed to hear this morning lol. I visited almost 100 blogs last night and wanted to visit more but it was 3 a.m. and I had to be up at 7 to get Elijah up and on the bus ;). Then this morning I was feeling frustrated and kinda "God when will we feel some relief financially?!" Then lo and behold one of the first blogs I opened today from the bloggy carnival was "In His Time..." :D I love when things like that happen! Thanks God! :D
ANYWAY, what you are here for lol....She is offering a gorgeous set of handcrafted earrings that her sister (Ornaments of Grace....UGH how great is THAT name too?!) made! All you have to do is go to THIS blog and read up on what to do! It only takes a couple minutes :D and you have a couple chances to win!!! Go check it out and have a blessed day in the Lord!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sweet, simple, & perfect for any li'l one...

Creative Writings 101 is giving away a copy of the children's book Kikulu & Harambe and get will be autographed by the author!!! :) Hurry though, this giveaway ends very soon! :) ty CW101 for this chance to win!

Jenuine Handmade Christmas Cards

Win Free Christmas CardsPlease visit to see the Handmade Christmas Cards for yourself.

These cards are simply GORGEOUS! Who wouldn't want a set?!

Momma in Flip Flops 2 & Hip Hostess are...

rockin the blog carnival!!!!
Momma In Flip Flops is giving away a fabulous apron from Hip Hostess!!! These aprons are gorgeous (um yeah, gorgeous enough you might be tempted to wear them over your clothes when going out to supper because they might be nicer than some of your clothes....I KNOW they are nicer than my clothes lol)! Head on over to MIFF2's blog to enter, and head on over to HH store and check out their items! You HAVE to see their little girl aprons...O...M...Gosh they are cuuuuuuuute stuff! Have a blessed day!

what is cooler than having night vision?

Having it for FREE!
The Deal Seeking Mom is giving away a super cool cyclops night vision goggle thing-a-ma-bobber! :D I can just imagine Tink stalking the boys (or the new kitten) in the middle of the night, it would serve the boys right for her to be able to scare them for once! ANYWHO, head on over to DSM's blog and enter for YOUR chance to win!
HERE is the link :)

Now it is OUR turn...

to give back to one of the most prolific "giveaway"ers out there (Frugal Mom to 2 Girls)...
She has entered in a contest to win a new diamond ring, but she needs OUR votes!!!!
Go HERE and find the participant named KK (I think THIS is the link to her personal voting area)...c'mon, seriously it only takes like 5 seconds unless you are on dial up, then probably 30-45 seconds ;) Go show some love for someone who is always giving to everyone else!

HURRY this one is almost over!!!!

Yep, Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls is at it AGAIN! She has this adorable purse give away! Yippee!!! Something for mommy (that will probably end up being begged for by Chloe!!!) lol.
Check it out HERE
She is so great, she gives you not one, but TWO chances to win and they are all both easy-peasy! Go! Now! Before it is too late!

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls has it ALL!!!!

And is giving away SO much stuff!!!! YIKES this one is a humdinger! It is a 4 panel andy worhal type print (16x20 I believe)!!!!
Check out her giveaway HERE

What is more precious than a sweet li'l girl?

A sweet li'l girl with her very own ragdoll!!! Do you want to know what is sweeter still?! If the ragdoll was free!!!!! Head over to Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls' blog for your chance(s) to win!!!!
HERE is the link!
Be sure to thank her for all her hard work and great giveaways!!!!

Santa might be coming early this year!

All you have to do is go to Frugal Mom's blog and read all about her fabulous giveaway!!! Wait 'til you see what she is giving away!!!! Think old fashioned Christmas toys....think yesteryear....think about getting over there NOW.....she gives you up to 3 chances to win ;)
The link is HERE...

Friday, October 24, 2008

GROSGRAIN does it again....**giveaway**

I am completely addicted to this woman's blog now! Also I am seriously considering learning how to use my 6 yr old sewing machine lol :) It has been used a total of 3 times I 6 years...yeah its that bad...
C'mon, seriously, how cute would any of these outfits be on Tink? Seriously....and hey even if you don't have a li'l girl, you could always mail it to me if you won :D so go check it out, blog about it, sign yourself up for it!!!! This lady is UBER talented (AND opening her own store most likely ON my bday... if you want to send me spending money, my paypal acct is.......:) just kidding!, but seriously go check her blog out)!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Common Sense Reviews giveaway!

Common Sense Reviews is giving away an adorable lil cupcake maker!
Mercedes' video shows how it works and her li' um "BIG"...helper Benjamin even gets to frost it at the end :) Oh yeah, and her Jeopardy interlude while waiting for the microwave is quite entertaining :D lol.
In all honesty, I love that you can tell she is a "real mom" (baby on hip and all) and can't wait for more reviews from her on her blog! I can foresee Tink wanting one of these in the worst way :D
Anyway, check out the giveaway HERE...
Thanks Mercedes for the review & preview video!

New Blog, Great Giveaways & Deals...

:) Hey all, this is a spin off blog from my Scrapbooking blog :)
Lately I have seen all sorts of wonderful giveaways, contests, freebies, & blogs with great deals and savings on them and THIS is going to be the place where I let you all know about what I have found! So sit back and enjoy a little economic relief!