Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poncho Poncho whose got the poncho?!

:D Ok, after getting Tink's first fleece poncho, I have to admit I am HOOKED! If we had the money, I would buy her 5 or 6 or 18 ponchos! Now there is a chance to WIN another poncho! PoPo's Ponchos are so so so cute, with all their contrasting material and patterned front pocket!
I found the link to their site through the BabiesGottaHaveIt blog, and I am definitely feeling like MY baby's gotta have it ;)...Now that I have exercised my right to enter for a chance to win, go exercise YOURS! :D

They're baaaaaaaaaack....

No not the poltergeists....I am talking about Shrinky Dinks! :D Remember coloring and then carefully cutting out those thin sheets of meltable magic when you were little? watching them warp into bright deep rich colors a fraction of the size that you started with but 4 times thicker?! 3 P's in a Pod has a Shrinky Dink set that just got unwrapped in their Because It's Christmas giveaway! Creativity for Kids has offered this (and several other gifts) in this massive giveaway!
Not only does the winner get a load of wonderful gifts, each sponsor is also donating a matching item to a charitable cause that helps kids! Go check it out and support the sponsors & the wonderful bloggin' mommas!

Your Li'l Gardener...

can have his/her own li'l indoor garden and be supporting an eco-friendlier cause in the process! The Indoor Gardening Kit (from Green Toys) is part of the Group 5 Because It's Christmas giveaway at 3 P's Mama Says! I think any li'l gardener (or even a big gardener who might want to use them as a windowsill garden) would LOVE this kit!

Pretty Pedicure Salon kit :)

What a great way for momma and li'l bit to bond and pamper themselves in the process! This pint sized pedicure kit is up for grabs at 3 P's Mama Says blog :). It is another great little imaginative kit from Creativity for Kids! Get your pretty little toesies over to the blog and find out how you could win it!

How can you tell if you have a REAL princess?

put a pea under her mattress, right? :) 3 P's Mama Says has an adorable li'l game from Haba that lets your little princess stack the matresses as the queen's helper (looks like kidlet jenga to me!). This game is suitable for ages 3-12 (oh yeah, Tink would SO be into this game) and helps with fine motor skills! If you don't win it in the group 5 giveaway, you can always head over to Maukilo and pick it up for a very reasonable price!

Another Chance to Win "In My Backyard"

Not only is it part of the group 4 gift package (found at 3 P's in a Pod), it is part of of group 5 gift package (which can be found at 3 P's Mama Says blog)!!! There are so many chances/ways of winning an amazing amount of great gifts! In My Backyard is a book about realizing the great things in your own backyard (brought to you by The Little Environmentalists)!

Oh so many giveaways....

The best Christmas giveaway blog trio has oodles and oodles of great gifts in every giveaway group!!! Did you know that Precious Moments now has a website and online "club" called Precious Girls Club?! And did you know that they have a great little kit for girls to share with their friends?! AND did you know that at the 3 P's Mama Says blog is hosting the group 5 giveaway that includes said bag full of goodies?! no?....really?!...SERIOUSLY?!!! Well she is! Get over there to see what great goodies are included (great slumber party starter in my opinion!)!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Xeko Pals giveaway!

What's that Smell? is hosting group 3 (as far as I can tell) for the Because it's Christmas giveaway and they too have one of those adorable pandas in their sack full of toys! How awesome is it that Xeko is donating not one, but several pals during this giveaway?! Go check out the blog AND the Xeko store and show them some love by entering or by buying some of your Christmas gifts! This is definitely a blog Christmas party that you DON'T wanna miss!

A Giveaway Fit for a King...or a Prince ;)

I can just imagine my daughter and my 5 yr old nephew decorating then playing with this Dragonrock Castle that is part of the Because it's Christmas giveaway at Whats that Smell? (lol I just love that blog name...you KNOW she has to be a mom)! The Creative Toy Shop (yep the same one you have heard me mention before) has also pitched in the Dragonrock Castle to this giveaway and have also agreed to donate one to the Relief Nursery of Collin County in Plano TX thanks to this blog giving! Hurry over there before all the giving comes to an end!

Discover Nature in Your Backyard!

In My Backyard is a book that encourages kids, parents & educators to discover what nature has to offer right in their backyard! Complete with tips, colorful illustrations and kid-friendly activities this book is sure to please! Just visit 3 P's in a Pod to see this wonderful book & enter in the giveaway! The Little Environmentalists have graciously agreed to give a copy to this Because it's Christmas blog event (and to donate one to The Relief Nursery in Collin County TX)!

A giveaway fit for a Princess...

The Creative Toyshop has paired up with 3 P's in a Pod to bring you a royal giveaway! :) Doesn't every princess deserve a castle?! Well, thanks to this giveaway, you could give YOUR princess one for Christmas! Just click on the links (the purple text above) and check out what all the fuss is about!

Planet Pixies TRIO!

Not one, not two, but THREE planet pixies are part of the giveaway at 3 P's in a Pod! The Planet Pixies are 3 eco-aware pixies that teach kids about the world around them and how to preserve it available through I Love My Planet Toys! Seriously, these dolls are so cute but still so fashionable that they are sure to please any little girl! For your chance to win, just visit 3 P's in a Pod and read up on how to enter!

Lemurs & Squirrels & Pandas OH MY!

What child wouldn't love a Giant Panda of their very own?! Well thanks to Xeko Pals & 3 Peas in a Pod, YOUR kidlet can have just that!
They are giving away an adorable Giant Panda plush during the Because It's Christmas Kids & Charity blog giveaways (link is also in sidebar on left)!!! Head on over and read all about these great causes and giveaways!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kandy Kisses is outdoing ALL the retail stores this Friday!

Kandy Kisses (home of the most adorable clothes EVER) is having a Black Friday blog giveaway that is un-freakin-believable! I can't even begin to explain the fun, so instead I will just copy/paste the schedule here and leave you with a link to her blog so you can join in the fun!!
I would love to win any of the prizes but I would seriously cry (and have my camera ready for when the first skirt came) if I won the grand prize!!!

On Black Friday (Nov. 28th) we will be having a BLAST here on my blog!!

**I`ll have designs available at UNBELIEVABLE PRICES....some new and some sample sets!

**I`ll be providing links to some SWEET Black Friday Ivylane Deals on Ebay!

**AND MY FAVORITE PART: I will be doing a GIVEAWAY every hour on the hour starting at 7am! You don`t have to be "present" to win...but you do need to have a number/numbers in the drawing bucket in advance!!!

PRIZE LIST: California Time

7am-Custom Appliqued Christmas T (your choice of size)

8am-2 Kandy Kisses Patchwork Couture Christmas Stockings

9am-Package of 10 Kandy Kisses Reusable Fabric Gift Tags

10am- 3 Kandy Kisses Couture Ringlet Hair ribbons

11am- Kandy Kisses Decorative Holiday Angel

12pm- Pair of Kandy Kisses Couture Christmas Hair Bows

1pm- One pair of Kandy Kisses Couture Zip it 3D Jeans (custom size)

2pm-Kandy Kisses Christmas Peasant Top and Sash

3pm-A Couture Reusable Bag filled with Surprise Goodies

4pm-Kandy kisses Patchwork Couture Stuffed Bear

5pm- Headband a month club- One headband per month for a year


The Grand Prize winner will receive a Kandy Kisses Skirt Six-pack!!

For 2009 the winner will receive 6 Custom Created Kandy Kisses Skirts one for each of the following occasions:

One for her birthday, One for Valentines Day, One for Easter, One for Halloween, One for Fall/Thanksgiving, One for Christmas 2009

Monday, November 17, 2008

One of the best giveaways ever...seriously...

Grosgrain: Commissioned Watercolor Portrait GIVEAWAY!!!!
I would most likely be in tears over this giveaway! It is a commissioned portrait of your child! Oh Santa, if you really do exist grant me this one early Christmas wish!!! (um ok I have more than one, but this one is a doozy!)
If you haven't checked out the Grosgrain blog or store, do it NOW, you will NOT be disappointed!

Wall-E under the Christmas Tree?!

Maybe! Especially if you are the winner of this 5 Minutes for Mom Christmas Giveaway!!!
Yep that's right! They are giving away a 3 disc standard dvd version of the Disney hit, Wall-E!!!!
I know my kids would LOVE to find that under the tree this year, and I bet yours would too, so hop on over there and give it a shot!
You can also access their blog/giveaways at any time by clicking on the button on my sidebar!
Good Luck, (on the ones I am not entering in...if I am entered I need all the luck I can get ;) )!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes Believing is Seeing....

Macy's has kicked off an event to help the Make-a-Wish foundation called Macy's Believes! For each letter that you drop off from your kidlets, they will donate $1 (up to a MILLION)!!! So when you take the kids to see Santa, or when you are out and about (even if the kidlets aren't with you) drop off their letters in the special mail-box and help make someone else's li'l one have a special wish granted!
Now here is a great gift from 3 Kids and Us to one lucky reader! They have graciously offered a $20 gift certificate to Macy's for the holiday season! So get over there, sign up for the giveaway, thank 3 Kids and Us for the giveaway chance to win, get to Macy's, drop off your letters to Santa, get home and thank God that your babies are healthy this Christmas season (and, Heaven forbid, they aren't well, thank God for great companies like Macy's and wonderful blogging momma's like the ones who host such great giveaways and get the word out!)....

Rise & shine in such a sweet way!

...with this super sweet treat alarm clock by The Cupcakes Club!
All you have to do is go to 3 Kids and Us' blog and follow the guidlines! Both the Cupcakes site and the 3 Kids and Us blog are loaded with fun and sweetness, so don't miss either of them!
The 3 Kids home blog has plenty of humor, "oh I can SO relate", and just plain fun on it. I am loving the blog if you can't tell! Hurry on though, these giveaways don't go on forever ya know!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Darling Personalized Tote!

A Blog of Goodies: ABOG Giveaway: Personalized Embroidered Ballerina Tote Bag

A great gift or to keep for yourself! This adorable Tote is personalized and WAY too cute to describe! So head over to A Blog of Goodies and check it out for yourself!

Joovy Doll Carseat for your little one!!!

or hopefully MY little one ;) (but if I don't win, I would love for it to be one of my readers here :) )
Jennifer, over at The Dirty Shirt, is hosting another fab giveaway!!! It is a Joovy Carseat giveaway! The people over at Joovy have agreed to let her give away an adorable pink doll/stuff animal carseat to one lucky reader!!! Even if you don't have little girls, granddaughters, nieces, or neighbors who could use this, go on over the The Dirty Shirt and check out some of her other giveaways and reviews! There is something for nearly everyone over there!!!
(or you can always get there by clicking on The Dirty Shirt Christmas Giveaway button located on my sidebar!)

Scrabble pieces have never been so much fun...

...to WEAR that is :D....
FrugalMommyOf2 is hosting yet another fabulous giveaway (seriously folks, when are you going to get it together and subscribe to her blog for yourself and quit being so dependent on me to let you in on all her great posts?! *wink*)! This time it is for 1 of 3 adorable scrabble piece pendents (Elmo, Hannah Montana, and a Paisley one :) )! I am really hoping to win the Elmo one for Tink (and hoping to be able to buy one of the Tink ones from the etsy shop for myself!) :D
Head on over there for your chance, but hurry up, she can't keep the giveaway open forever! :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

MP3 player giveaway!!!!

:D funny how those 2 letters and 1 number can grab a person's attention isn't it?! (MP3 that is)
and if you put the word "giveaway" after it, it is nearly irresistible!!!
Over at TheCouponCupboard.com they are giving away just that! It only takes a minute to register and there is a LOT of savings to be had over there (well worth the minute it takes to sign up)!!! I have to be honest, IF I were to win, I don't know if I would give it to Elijah for Christmas or sign it "From Santa To Momma" lol...hm what do you think?

It certainly enticed ME!

:) The Post-It Place is giving away an OXO Mandolin Slicer!!! If y'all could see how sparse my kitchen gadget supply is you would understand why I get so psyched up over these gadget giveaways, and this one is PERFECT for me!!! (so if you win you can send it to me at 624.....uh, um, I mean if you win I would congratulate you ;) and be happy it was one of my readers that won...yeah that is what I meant to say...yeah....)
:D Check out the giveaway and good luck!

Aprons, aprons everywhere and not a one for me!

:) But I am hoping that is going to change very soon ;).
Katydid and Kid are giving away a gorgeous apron by Carolyn's Kitchen! Seriously, this is one kickin' it in the kitchen giveaway! go check it out!

Argh! Shiver Me Timbers and Give Me....

Argh! Shiver me timbers and give me another chance to win one of these great creative toys from The Creative Toyshop! And I give you one guess as to what my choice of large toy would be if I won lol. The Giveaway is offering us a chance to win a great toy (a LARGE one at that) from this super cool company! So hoist the colors and set sail north by northeast across the web to enter yerself in this better-than-rum giveaway!
Here is the link in case you missed it... http://www.the-giveaway.com/2008/11/creative-toyshop-giveaway.html

Frugal Mommy is at it again....

This time she is offering a chance to win some of the coolest kids shoes that I have seen in a LONG time! They are called U*Neaks and they are uber fun and uber cute....They remind me of the Converse shoes from the early 90's that you could change the li'l swatch in to match your outfit or your cheerleading uniform, only this time all you have to change is your kidlet's socks!
So hop, skip, jump, RUN over to her blog and enter for your chance to win! I already have (in fact I am upping my chances as I type ;) ).
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Blog
*there is the link ;)*

1TB of ehd space?!

Complete this sequence....
1024 KB is to 1 MB what ____GB is to 1TB.......give up? 1024!!!! and The Dirty Shirt blog in cahoots with Seagate is giving away a 1TB external hard drive!!!! Most of you who read my blog are scrapaddicts like myself and could totally use all that space!
In case you didn't notice the bold italicized larger different colored font for the blog and Seagate here are their links (my mom can never figure out that when you see something on a blog or webpage that is different, it usually means it is linked to something, so that is for those who are like my mom)...
TheDirtyShirt -http://thedirtytshirt.com/
Seagate- http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GrosgrainStore.com Grand Opening & Giftcard Giveaway!!!!!!!!

GrosgrainStore.com Grand Opening & Giftcard Giveaway!!!!!!!!

Her store is up and she is in business!!! and if you hurry you have a chance to win a giftcard to her new store!!! I can't believe I didn't catch this post earlier (I have been crazy busy with life in general)! I know that most of you have heard me rave about her costumes, her children's clothing, her pure awesomeness in general now is YOUR chance to go check it out for yourself!
Go to Grosgrainstore.com and pick something up for the lil cutie pa tootie in your house!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A great site! A great giveaway!

Not to mention I want a pair (or 20) myself! BabySnazz is a site that I just found tonight and I am already having daydreams (in the evening) about all the cute ways these are going to go with Tink's outfits! (eh hem, or momma's...these would be super cute arm-warmers too)!
Right now if you go to their blog you can enter to win 20...YES, 20 pair of these adorable leg-warmers!
But that is not the only thing they carry! They have some adorable toys, blankets, baby carriers...the list goes on! Aside of the legwarmers, my absolute favorite is the little Mini BECO Baby Doll Toy Carrier
I mean seriously, how cute is THAT?!
Anyway, giveaway aside, their prices are really really REALLY reasonable and a lot of their items are on sale right now!!! :) Can you tell I might have a new fave site accessory site?! ;)

Win 20 Pairs of Baby Leg Warmers from babySNAZZ!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't mess with my tutu...don't mess with my tutu...you can have the other woman...but...

oops, sorry got that tutu song in my head ;) (when I was little I thought that song really did say "tutu"....) ANYWAY!
I know you have heard me talk about Frugal Mommy to 2 Girls over and over on here and on my scrapping blog, but I am back to do it again. Seriously this woman just does not stop! I don't know where she finds the time! Now she is giving away a GORGEOUS tutu from Hannah's Tutus!!! Just skip over to her blog (HERE) and give it a go! Like I say every time, even if you don't have a lil girl who would love this, I do ;) win it and send it to me, I won't complain ;)
Hugs to all!!!

Another bloggy round of giveaways!!!

I was at Mom Most Traveled this morning and realized it is already time for the Tea Party giveaways!!!! To see what the fuss is about click on the links below ;)
It’s Tea Party Week at Mom Most Traveled! Enter here for your chance to win a Baby-G watch from Casio!
Now, don't feel like you have to enter in these giveaways...I mean if YOU enter you might win....and if YOU win that means I don't....well I guess I do because if I am not going to win I would want it to go to one of y'all...soooooo I suppose you probably better go ahead and check them out AND enter ;)
Have a God blessed week!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ready for winter?

Whether you love it or hate it this giveaway is sure to help warm your spirits and make you wanna do some shopping :) STL Mommy is hosting a Lia Sophia bracelet giveaway!!!! Even if you are not a jewelry girl you could give it to some deserving friend...say one who lets you know about all sorts of great giveaways...say one who is busy typing right now to let you know about this one....say someone who is celebrating their birthday (and their hubby's bday) TODAY! :D lol or you could keep it for yourself and make me uber jealous, ya know, whatever works for you :D
Here is the link in case you didn't see STL MOMMY in boldface italic earlier in the post ;)