Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't mess with my tutu...don't mess with my can have the other woman...but...

oops, sorry got that tutu song in my head ;) (when I was little I thought that song really did say "tutu"....) ANYWAY!
I know you have heard me talk about Frugal Mommy to 2 Girls over and over on here and on my scrapping blog, but I am back to do it again. Seriously this woman just does not stop! I don't know where she finds the time! Now she is giving away a GORGEOUS tutu from Hannah's Tutus!!! Just skip over to her blog (HERE) and give it a go! Like I say every time, even if you don't have a lil girl who would love this, I do ;) win it and send it to me, I won't complain ;)
Hugs to all!!!

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